Friday, February 3, 2017

Pluie en Paris

(or my rainy week in Paris)

Last weekend after the Loire Valley we tried to go to Du Pain et Des Idées - a pretty famous boulangerie, but unfortunately, it is closed on the weekends. Quelle horreur! We were hungry after getting lost trying to find the bakery, so we walked a little down the street and found te cutest little crêperie! I got my first nutella crepe of Paris and it was worth every bite.


After that, the Paris Squad or Paud was meeting to go over travel plans so we met at a coffee place that has wifi. Ended up figuring out a weekend for Madrid, Florence and London! That night was full of fondue and fun times and (of course) a night drinking wine by the Seine. Paris definitely has my heart!

Sunday was pretty lowkey and I met up with some friends in the Tuileries Gardens for a petit promenade (a little walk).

Monday was the first day of classes and boy did they kick my butt! First of all, I am already very outside my normal class schedule of science and education classes so that is a bit of a shock. Second, taking notes in a different language is quite hard - it will take some getting used too. Host mom is away this week, so my home-stay sister, my friend from Skid and I all went for some noodles for dinner. I had a bit of an aha moment after dinner when we were walking back to the apartment. I looked up and saw the Eiffel Tower sparkling! I always thought I couldn't see it from my neighborhood.

Tuesday we had our last painting class before a 2-week February break and the nude model painting went as smoothly as it could. We get a break in the 3-hour class and this week they had some wine!

my professor said I am getting better!

Wednesday was laundry day and I psyched myself up big time for that. The washer did a pretty good job of wringing out my clothes and I didn't feel like walking down the stairs and figuring out how to use the expensive laundromat, so I hung the still damp clothes on my balcony. I think it worked pretty well! Lunch was crepes at La Belle Ronde which is my fave lunch deal.

Thursday came pretty quick and it was Chandeleur - which is France's national crepe day! So after classes, I grabbed a crepe for a petit goûter (snack). Dinner was a crêpe complète à la Hostdad. We ended up going out for some wine by the Seine and a quick trip to a bar before crawling back into bed.

Bon weekend!


Quick and serious note - it is Friday afternoon as I write this and we've had our first real life moment here. There was an attack at the Louvre this morning. IES sent out an alert as soon as it happened and we were nowhere near the 1st arr. We went about with the rest of our morning, but I did notice more police officers.

Scary things can happen anywhere, but you can't let fear ruin your life. Paris and France have been the site of some very terrible recent attacks but this city will always have my heart. Me and my friends in Paris are all safe and will continue to be wary this weekend.

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