Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Weekday Thoughts

Some things that have crossed my mind over the past few days of this last week of orientation ...

  • explaining how to use a smartphone to an older French man (photography teacher) in French is very difficile (difficult)
  • thanking my lucky stars I had a nice night bonding with my homestay sister and that dinner (French samosas? and mushroom risotto) was delish
  • everyone is struggling in the grammar classes which makes me feel a little better 
  • wine tasting was amazing and the cheese ... even better!
ooh la la!
  • went to my first painting class and painted nude (NUDE!) women
  • walking in on the host fam when they are in the middle of a dinner party is pretty awkward
  • French wine is a little stronger than American wine (I was feeling it after one glass during our pre-dinner drink)
  • thank goodness for Google maps and its ability to help me whenever I take the wrong Metro exit and end up on the other side of the Tour Montparnasse ... it has only happened once so far

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