Sunday, January 15, 2017

Au Revoir America!

I am sitting here in JFK using the complementary 30 minutes of free wifi (so generous!) and freaking out that January 15th is finally here! I flew from Portland, Maine to New York early this morning with my gram. We then parted ways in the terminal and I headed down to claim my bag. Next step was to hop on the AirTrain and head to Terminal 4 ... unfortunately things usually go a little badly whenever I travel. In my tired state, I took a JetBlue shuttle instead of the AirTrain! It ended up working out because the shuttle dropped us off right to the AirTrain. A short, crowded ride later and I ended up where I needed to be.

the view from my first flight somewhere over Boston

So I panicked a little in the terminal because I couldn't find the Delta check-in line, but things went smoothly through the lines and very crowded security.

The few days leading up to today were a bit hectic with packing and getting everything I needed before leaving. The most stressful was trying to get my visa back from the NY consulate because I was in Maine which is very far from the city (shout-out to my awesome cousin for making not one, but two trips to NYC to help me out!) I ended up packing a medium sized checked suitcase and then a smaller suitcase to carry on the plane along with my backpack. It should be interesting trying to lug everything up to the 5th floor of my homestay as I could barely carry my bags up the steps in the shuttle!

all my stuff fit in 2 suitcases!

So now I'll wait for 5 hours in the airport until my flight leaves tonight! I hope you guys follow along in my adventures abroad!

Bises (kisses) -

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