Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Leah and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

.... Leah et la semaine terrible, horrible, pas bonne, et méchant.

  • My friends left their coat and scarf at the bar Thursday night (luckily they were retrieved)
  • Saturday night, my friend lost her phone in a bar (turns out it was stolen we think now)
  • Failed 2 exams
  • Another friend had her credit card eaten by the ATM
  • I didn't get the summer internships I applied too
  • This week, I am faire-ing le défi, where I only talk in French and it's very frustrating to have such limited communication skills in these times of trouble. 
Paris isn't all roses and crepes, y'all! We were talking and the lows are very low here. This week was a struggle, to say the least. Paris can't get us down - especially when we all have each other to lean on <3 


Some good things ... 
  • did get to see the Chainsmokers right after London! (tbt)
  • celebrated my friend's 21st bday!
  • Palais de Tokyo is a cool museum 
  • made it to Ober Momma which is bomb Italian food and literally stuffed ourselves silly
  • had a free mid-semester Skidmore dinner with crepes


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